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Department of Labour-appointed M1/Grayston Inquiry to further interrogate Murray & Roberts witness


The Department of Labour-appointed M1/Grayston Drive Pedestrian and cyclist structural bridge Inquiry is set to continue for four days next week starting on Tuesday (19-22 July 2016) with further testimony from Ric Snowden, a witness for construction firm, Murray & Roberts.


Snowden continued with his testimony today (15 July 2016) in which issues other than the drawing models were under the microscope. The issue of testimony over models was today a thorny matter, and legal representatives agreed that it should be shelved for the day. Snowden has been testifying since Wednesday (13 July 2016) on the possible causes of the collapsed temporary bridge structure.


The Department of Labour set-up the Section 32 Inquiry to uncover the causes for the collapse of scaffolding work into the Grayston Drive Pedestrian and cyclist structural bridge. The collapse of the temporary bridge structure on the M1/Grayston Drive led to the death of two people and injury to 19 others. The Section 32 investigation, presided by Lennie Samuel, and assisted by Lesibe Raphela is being held in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act.


The Inquiry is held as follows:

Venue: Department of Labour offices (Labour Centre) at Concillium Building, Nana Sita (formerly Skinner Street) and Thabo Sehume (Andries Street) in Pretoria/Tshwane.

Time: 10:00am

Date: 19-22 July 2016


Public parking is available at Nana Sita between Paul Kruger and Thabo Sehume Streets, and at Francis Baard Street (formerly Schoeman) between Paul Kruger and Thabo Sehume.


N.B: Media wishing to attend the Inquiry can seek accreditation with Mishack Magakwe, Department of Labour Provincial Communication Officer (Gauteng Province) at 082 908 1828 or  


Issued by: Acting Department of Labour spokesman

Mokgadi Pela






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