Discipline and Dismissal

Name of employee: ___________________________________________

Section/ Place of work: _______________________________________

Service Number and/or ID. Number: _______________________________

Post title: __________________________________________________

Date and time of offence:______________________________________

Offence/Complaint: ___________________________________________




Disciplinary Measure 

In view of the offence described above, this serves as a verbal warning and will be valid for 3 months.    

Should you be found guilty of a further similar offence whilst this warning is in force (date), the disciplinary action then imposed will be affected by this warning.   


 __________________________                                                 ______________  

Signature and name in print :                                                   Post title         





The signing of this warning by the employee means that he/she acknowledges that he/she received a warning and that he/she understands the contents thereof.


In the event of the employee’s refusal to sign, any person who was present when the warning was issued must sign. 


__________________                              _________________

Signature of employee                              Date 


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