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Workplace Discipline and Dismissal


16 August 2019: Emperors Palace: Convention Centre




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Table of Content

Module 1 – Introduction


Module 2: Workplace Discipline

  • The disciplinary Code

  • Warnings: Verbal, Written and final written warnings

  • Corrective/ Progressive Discipline

  • Maintain acceptable conduct in the workplace

  • Employee Behaviour

  • Serious Offences

  • Senior Management

  • When to use formal and Informal Discipline

  • When to hold a formal Disciplinary Hearing

  • Consistency

  • Probation

  • Grievance Procedures

  • Suspension

  • Demotion as an alternative to dismissal

  • Procedural and Substantive Fairness


Module 3: Fair reasons for dismissals

  • Dismissals for misconduct

  • Incapacity/ poor Performance

  • Retrenchments


Module 4 – Drafting / Formulation of Charges

  • Deciding on the charges

  • How to charge an employee

  • Alternative Charges

  • The charges and the disciplinary Code

  • Avoid the splitting of charges


Module 5 – How to investigate misconduct

  • Where to start

  • What must the investigator look for?

  • Examples of transgressions

  • The sources of evidence and witness statements 


Module 6 – Dismissal for Misconduct      

  • Has a rule or standard been broken, or a policy or procedure or the employment contract been breached?

  • Was the rule or standard reasonable, lawful and attainable?

  • Was the employer's expectation of compliance with the breached rule or standard a fair and reasonable expectation?

  • Was the accused employee aware of the rule or standard or could he/she reasonably be expected to have been aware of it?

  • Did the accused employee understand the requirements of the rule or standard?

  • Has the rule or standard has been consistently applied by the employer?


Module 9: Initiate/ charging the employee

  • Preparing for the disciplinary hearing

  • Do’s and don’ts for initiators


Module 10: The disciplinary hearing       


Who should attend?

  • Employment relations managers/ practitioners, general managers, HR Managers, discipline, union representatives, individuals that act as initiators/ prosecutors in disciplinary hearings.


Course outcome

  • After completion participants should be able to conduct an investigation, identify and categorise transgressions, implement appropriate procedures and represent the company or an employee at a disciplinary hearing.



  • R 3190-00 (incl. Vat) per delegate

  • Price include course material, certificates, and catering/ refreshments

  • Safe and secure parking


For further information contact:

  • Hanlie or Peraldo on (012) 666 8284
  • E mail or  





Click here to download registration forms for 16 August 2019: Emperors Palace: Convention Centre





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