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The status of the employment relationship when employees are deemed to be employees of the client in terms of section 198A(3)(b)(i)

NUMSA v Assign Services and Others (JA96/15) [2017] ZALAC 44


The employment contract

Mtati v KPMG Services (Pty) Ltd (J2277/16) [2016] ZALCJHB 403; [2017] 3 BLLR 315 (LC); (2017) 38 ILJ 1362 (LC) (18 October 2016)    


S.197 transfers

Rural Maintenance (Pty) Limited and Another v Maluti-A-Phofung Local Municipality (CCT214/15) [2016] ZACC 37; 2017 (1) BCLR 64 (CC); (2017) 38 ILJ 295 (CC); [2017] 3 BLLR 258 (CC) (1 November 2016)


Dismissal – misconduct

Bidserv Industrial Products (Pty) Ltd v Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration and Others (JA73/15) [2017] ZALAC 4; (2017) 38 ILJ 860 (LAC) (10 January 2017)

 G4S Secure Solutions (SA) (Pty) Ltd v Ruggiero N.O. and Others (CA2/2015) [2016] ZALAC 55; (2017) 38 ILJ 881 (LAC) (25 November 2016)    


Dismissal - procedural fairness

Ethekwini Municipality v Hadebe & Others (LAC)                    


Employment Equity

Solidarity & Others v Dept of Correctional Services & Others (CC)          


Industrial action

NUFBWSAW & Others v Universal Product Network (LC)             


Shop stewards

SAMWU and Others v Ethekwini Municipality and Others (DA5/13) [2016] ZALAC 47; [2016] 12 BLLR 1208 (LAC); (2017) 38 ILJ 158 (LAC) (2 September 2016)

National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa (NUMSA) obo Motloba v Johnson Controls Automotive SA (Pty) Ltd and Others (PA6/15) [2017] ZALAC 14; [2017] 5 BLLR 483 (LAC); (2017) 38 ILJ 1626 (LAC) (3 February 2017)       


Derivative misconduct

Dunlop Mixing and Technical Services (Pty) Ltd and Others v National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa ("NUMSA") obo Nganezi and Others (D345/14) [2016] ZALCD 9; (2016) 37 ILJ 2065 (LC); [2016] 10 BLLR 1024 (LC) (11 May 2016)    


Union recognition

Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union and Others v Chamber of Mines of South Africa and Others (CCT87/16) [2017] ZACC 3; (2017) 38 ILJ 831 (CC); 2017 (3) SA 242 (CC); 2017 (6) BCLR 700 (CC); [2017] 7 BLLR 641 (CC) (21 February 2017)


Contract of employment—Fixed-term contract- Service provider employer placing employees with client in terms of a fixed-term eventuality contracted no longer required

Enforce Security Group v Fikile and Others (DA24/15) [2017] ZALAC 9; (2017) 38 ILJ 1041 (LAC); [2017] 8 BLLR 745 (LAC)


Reasonable expectation that a fixed term contract would be renewed 

Zungu v Premier, Province of KwaZulu-Natal and Another (DA11/2015) [2017] ZALAC 26; (2017) 38 ILJ 1644 (LAC); [2017] 9 BLLR 949 (LAC)


The reinstatement of employees pending proper consultation over dismissals for operational requirements

AMCU First applicant AMCU members second and further applicants and Piet Wes Civils CC Respondent (in J 2834/16)


Employees engaging in an unprotected strike, of about an hour’s duration

SACCAWU obo Bonolo Mokebe & 71 Others and Pick ‘n Pay Retailers


Cancellation of a collective agreement in terms of which employees were required to perform certain ancillary duties in addition to their main functions

Imperial Cargo Solutions Appellant and SATAWU First Respondent


Dismissal for poor performances – employee dismissed for failing to meet stipulated target 

Damelin (PTY) LTD Appellant and Solidarity obo Parkinson, Steve First Respondent


Employee misrepresenting qualifications in CV

LTE Consulting (Pty) Ltd v Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration and others (JR1289/14) [2017] ZALCJHB 291 (8 August 2017), unreported


The Commissioner that arrived late for the arbitration hearing

Bloem Water Board v Nthako NO and others (JA83/2016) [2017] ZALAC 42 (28 June 2017), unreported (Tlaletsi AJP, Landman JA and Phatshoane AJA) (SILCS 2017:14)


Competing right of privacy and right to protect confidential information

National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa v Rafee NO [2017] 2 BLLR 146 (LC)


Employee dismissed for gross insubordination for defying municipal manager's instruction to stop representing fellow employees

Msunduzi Municipality v Hoskins [2017] 2 BLLR 124 (LAC)


Unfair discrimination on account of disability in terms of section 187(1)(f) of the LRA 

Pharmaco Distribution (Pty) Ltd v W (JA104/2015) [2017] ZALAC 48


Employee dismissed for making untoward racial remarks towards a fellow employee by referring to him as “swartman”.

SAEWA obo Bester v Rustenburg Platinum Mine and Another (JA45/16) [2017] ZALAC 23; (2017) 38 ILJ 1779 (LAC); [2017] 8 BLLR 764 (LAC)


Representation before the CCMA/ Bargaining Councils – Rule 25 of the CCMA rules

Casual Workers’ Advice Office & Others v CCMA & Others (LC)  


Claim of unfair discrimination under s 60 of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998 (EEA) against employer arising from employee’s sexual harassment by manager

Liberty Group Limited v M (JA105/2015) [2017] ZALAC 19; (2017) 38 ILJ 1318 (LAC)


Misconduct by arbitrator – test for review – s 145 of LRA 1995 considered

Danone SA (PTY) Ltd [1st AL] Capacity Outsourcing (PTY) Ltd [2nd AL] and CCMA [1st RP] Mohlala, A N.O [2nd RP] Casual Workers Advice Office [3rd RP]  & 297 Others (Case no: JR2177/16) [2017] ZAFLLI


CCMA and Bargaining Council Awards

Social Media in the Workplace

Cantamessa v Edcon Group [2017] 4 BALR 359 (CCMA); 

Cliff v Electronic Media Network (Pty) Ltd (1368/2016) [2016] ZAGPJHC 2;

Gordon / National Oilwell Varco  [ 2017] 9 BALR 935 (MEIBC)]





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Occupational injuries and diseases in the workplace

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